Meet the Team

Our Radians WorldWide Team is here to answer your questions and ensure you have the information you need to select the solutions you need to stay safe.

Meet The Team - Brian

Brian White

Managing Director Radians Worldwide

Prior to joining Radians in 2017, Brian had been in the industry for over 30 years serving in executive Leadership roles at companies such as Gore-Tex, VF Group, and Kwintet Group.

Brian has Extensive experience within the PPE market, with a broad understanding of full head-to-toe protection including technical fabrics, garments, and workwear across multiple sectors and industries on a global basis.

Meet The Team - Mari

Mariangela Nittoli

Sales Manager – Europe

Mari joined Radians in 2023 to take up the position of European sales Manager for the EMEA Region. Prior to Joining Radians, she held a similar role in the licensing business. Mari speaks 4 languages: Italian, Spanish, English, and Russian.

Meet The Team - Joanne

Joanne Smithers

Operations Manager

Joanne has been with Radians since 2019 and is responsible for buying, supply chain, and logistics for our UK and Europe sites.  Joanne has previously worked in similar roles in the oil and gas and automotive sectors.

Our WorldWide team is backed by a team of industry experts responsible for the solutions and services you need to be competitive. 

Radians WW Team -Justin

Justin Ladd

Director of Product Development and Glove Manager

Radians WW Team - Annette

Annette Thompson

Product Development
Assistant - Gloves

Radians WW Team - Cindy

Cindy Bullion-LaWarre

Product Manager - Eyewear and Hearing Protection

Radians WW Team - Amber

Amber Gunn

Product Development
Assistant - Eyewear and Hearing

Radians WW Team - Nicole

Nicole Novick

Product Manager -  Heated Jackets, Hi-Vis, and Cooling

Radians WW Team - Eula

Eula Ashbee

Product Development
Assistant - Apparel

Radians WW Team - Stephanie

Stephanie Garner

Product Manager - AR/FR, Rainwear, and Hard Hats

Radians WW Team - Courtney

Courtney Watkins

Product Development
Assistant - AR/FR and Rainwear

Radians WW Team - Steve-1

Steve Clark

Director of Quality Assurance

Radians WW Team - Cal

Cal Bontemps

Director of Marketing

Radians WW Team - Kevin

Kevin Schon

Brand Manager and
Graphic Designer - WorldWide

Radians WW Team - Misty

Misty Page

Marketing Product Data Specialist